Tribute Lifestyle Global Concept Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Tribute” or the
“Company”) has made a commitment to provide the finest Membership Marketing experience
backed by impeccable service to its Distributor. In turn, the company expects its registered
distributors (“Tribute Distributors”) to reflect that image in their relationships with customers
and fellow Tribute Distributors.

A Tribute Distributor is expected to operate the business according to the highest standards
of integrity and fair practice in the role as a Tribute Distributor. Additionally, Tribute
Distributors should note that failure to comply with the code of ethics set out in section 2
below (the “Code of Ethics”) can result in your termination as a Tribute Distributor.

. I will conduct my business in an honest, ethical manner at all times.
b. I will make no representations about the benefits of membership with Tribute other
than those contained in officially approved corporate literature and videos.
c. I will provide support and encouragement to my customers to ensure that their
experience with Tribute is a successful one.
d. I will motivate and actively work with Distributors of my organization to help them
build their Tribute business. I understand that this support is critical to each
Distributor’s success with Tribute.
e. I will refrain from exaggerating my personal income or the income potential in general
and will stress to prospective Distributors the level of effort and commitment required
to succeed in the business.
f. I will not abuse the goodwill of my association with Tribute to further or promote other
business interests (particularly those which may be competitive to Tribute) without the
prior written consent of Tribute.
g. I will not make disparaging remarks about other products, services, Distributors, or
companies; likewise, I will not willfully denigrate the activities or personalities of fellow
Tribute Distributors or Tribute staff.
h. I will abide by all of the Policies and Procedures of Tribute as included herein, or as
may be amended from time to time.
i. I will not make any payment(s) or promise to pay any prospective or existing
Distributor in return for such Distributor’s enrollment, continued enrollment, or team
building or sponsoring activities with Tribute.
j. I acknowledge and agree that any debt towards Tribute by me may be deducted from
my commission at the discretion of Tribute.
k. I hereby confirm that all information given to the company is true to the best of my
knowledge and in the event of any information change I will inform Tribute in writing
within 7 days from the date of that change.
l. I confirm that I have read and understood the conditions of joining Tribute and will
abide by the rules and regulations of the company in force from time to time.
Violations of these rules and regulations may result in suspension and termination of
the account without any compensation or liability on the part of Tribute.

m. This agreement is a binding agreement between the company and me, however I am
in no way an employee of the company but I am acting as an independent distributor
selling Tribute products. As an individual I am tax compliant and responsible for
declaring any tax due to the government.
n. I acknowledge and agree that the company may at any time make changes to its
Terms and Condition or regulations without prior notice.
o. I shall ensure that all marketing, online and offline shall follow the regulations of the
company and that, should I require clarification, I shall consult the online guideline or
contact the Tribute marketing department.
p. All data submitted to the company may be used for statistical purposes and I consent
to Tribute’s storage of my information.
q. I agree to pay the joining fee and the annual fees associated with being a Distributor
of the distributor network of Tribute in Nigeria, the cost of the fee will be at the sole
discretion of Tribute.
r. I agree to use Tribute’s network for the sole distribution of the Tribute products. I
acknowledge that I am not an employee, legal representative, an agent, or franchisee
of Tribute. My joining of Tribute does not entitle me to act in the name of Tribute or to
act as an agent, franchisee, employee or legal representative.
s. To properly represent Tribute’s products and its marketing plan, I agree that all forms
of advertising, including, but not limited to, audio and video tapes and printed
material, must be submitted and approved in writing by an authorized Tribute
representative prior to use.
t. I acknowledge that any commission that Tribute may pay me shall be based on my
performance in the sale of Tribute products and not on the number of hours worked
or an element of chance.
u. I may at any time choose not to renew my annual membership registration with
Tribute. I acknowledge and agree that, in the event of my default in paying the
registration fee, my membership will expire and I would need to re-register in in such
event, if I decide to re-register, I will not be entitled to downlines previous in my
network. I agree that, should my membership be terminated by Tribute, all my
downlines will be moved to the Distributor on level above mine and the said
downlines shall not be restored to me following such termination.
v. My registration with Tribute gives me, the independent distributor, the opportunity to
purchase Tribute products at a discounted rate.
w. It is understood that that the commissions paid to me as the distributor are subjected
to withholding tax deduction at the applicable rate.
x. The products bought by me are for my personal use and for the use of my relatives
and friends. However, should I decide to resell the products in the course of a
commercial activity, I will do so strictly on my own account and under strict
compliance with the provisions of Nigerian legislation.
y. I agree to market the products in a truthful and honest way and not to make any false
claims about the products and the Tribute sales structure.
z. All my commercial activities with Tribute products shall be my sole responsibility and
solely at my expense. I shall be solely responsible and liable for any and all losses,
claims, damages, costs, expenses, risks, taxes, filing or other statutory liabilities

envisaged for the specific activity performed by me and I agree to indemnify and
abjure Tribute from any liability arising from such activities.
aa. The Tribute approved way of selling and distributing the products is the only way that
the Distributor agrees to sell the products. When a Distributor reaches the manager
level in the compensation plan, they agree not to be involved in other network
marketing companies.
bb. I agree that, in the event of a termination or suspension of my membership of Tribute
or my independent distributorship, including a termination at my instance, all products
which I had, prior to such termination or suspension, purchased from Tribute shall
only be resold in compliance with these T&Cs and Tribute’s policies.
cc. The Agreement (including these Terms and Conditions) is personal in nature and
shall not be assigned or transferred by me, except in the event of death, in which
case an individual who can qualify as an independent distributor herein may inherit
the same.
dd. In case of my breach of any of Tribute’s codes of conduct etc., Tribute may with 7
days’ notice terminate, suspend me from being a Distributor of the Tribute network or
an independent distributor of Tribute products at its discretion.

3.1. Policies and Compensation Plan Incorporated into Distributor Agreement

These terms and conditions, in their present form and as amended at the sole discretion of
Tribute, are incorporated into, and form an integral part of, the Tribute Distributor Agreement.
Throughout these Policies, when the term “Agreement” is used, it collectively refers to the
Tribute Distributor Application and Agreement Form, these Policies and Procedures and the
Tribute Compensation Plan. These documents are incorporated by reference into the Tribute
Distributor Agreement (all in their current form and as amended by Tribute).

3.2. Changes to the Agreement
Because laws and the business environment periodically change, Tribute reserves the right to
amend the Agreement, compensation plan and its prices at its sole and absolute discretion.
By signing the Distributor Agreement, a Distributor agrees to abide by all amendments or
modifications that Tribute elects to make.

3.3. Posting on the Company’s official website;

  • Electronic mail (email)
  • Inclusion in Company periodicals;
  • Inclusion with commissions or bonus checks;
  • Special mailings; or
  • From the Distributor Lounge (online 'back-office' of the Distributor’s account).

The continuation of a Distributor’s Tribute business or a Distributor’s acceptance of bonuses
or commissions constitutes acceptance of any and all amendments.

3.4. Delays
Tribute shall not be responsible for delays or failures in performance of its obligations when
performance is made commercially impracticable due to circumstances beyond its reasonable
control. This includes, without limitation, strikes, labor difficulties, riot, war, fire, death,
curtailment of a party’s source of supply, government decrees or orders, acts of God or other
force majeure events.

3.5. Waiver
For the avoidance of doubt, the Company retains its right to insist on compliance with the
Agreement and with the applicable laws governing the conduct of a business. No failure of
Tribute to exercise any right or power under the Agreement or to insist upon strict compliance
by a Distributor with any obligation or provision of the Agreement, and no custom or practice
of the parties at variance with the terms of the Agreement, shall constitute a waiver of
Tribute’s right to demand exact compliance with the Agreement. Waiver by Tribute can be
affected only in writing by an authorized officer of the Company. Tribute’s waiver of any
particular breach by a Distributor shall not affect or impair Tribute’s rights with respect to any
subsequent breach, nor shall it affect in any way the rights, duties or obligations of any other
Distributor. Nor shall any delay or omission by Tribute to exercise any right arising from a
breach affect or impair Tribute’s rights as to that or any subsequent breach. The existence of
any claim or cause of action of a Distributor against Tribute shall not constitute a defense to
Tribute’s enforcement of any term or provision of the Agreement.

3.6. Becoming a distributor
Requirements to Become a Distributor.

  • Be at least 18 years of age;
  • Reside in the Federal Territory of Nigeria or any other market officially opened by the Company;
  • Have a valid Identification number; and
  • Submit a Tribute Distributor Application and Agreement online and accept the Terms and Condition.

The consideration of any application is at the sole discretion of the Company. The Company
reserves the right to reject any applications for a new Distributor or applications for renewal.
The date on which the membership registration fee is paid shall count as the date of my
joining Tribute.

3.7. Distributor Benefits
Once a Distributor Application and Agreement has been accepted by Tribute, the following
benefits are available to the new Distributor.

  • Sell Tribute products to retail customers and receive commission based profit from these sales
  • Receive periodic Tribute literature and other Tribute communications
  • Build a network of Independent Distributor and participate in the Tribute Compensation Plan

4.1. Adherence to the Tribute Compensation Plan

  • Distributors must adhere to the terms of the Tribute Compensation Plan as set forth by Tribute in its literature.
  • Distributors shall not offer the Tribute opportunity through, or in combination with, any other system, program or method of marketing other than that specifically set forth in official Tribute literature.
  • Distributor shall not require or encourage other current or prospective customers or Distributors to participate in Tribute in any manner that varies from the program as set forth in official Tribute literature.
  • Distributors shall not require or encourage other current or prospective customers or Distributors to execute any agreement or contract other than official Tribute agreements and contracts in order to become a Tribute Distributor. Similarly,
  • Distributors shall not require or encourage other current or prospective customers or Distributors to make any purchase from, or payment to, any individual or other entity to participate in the Tribute Compensation Plan other than those purchases or payments identified as recommended or required in official Tribute literature.

4.2. Bonus Buying Prohibited
4.2.1. Bonus buying is strictly and absolutely prohibited. “Bonus buying” includes:

  • The enrollment of individuals without their knowledge and agreement and/or without execution of a Distributor Application;
  • The fraudulent enrollment of an individual as a Distributor or merchant;
  • The enrollment or attempted enrollment of non-existent individuals as Distributor or merchants;
  • The use of a credit card by or on behalf of a Distributor or merchant when the Distributor or customer is not the account holder of such credit card and;
  • Purchasing Tribute products on behalf of another Distributor, or under another Distributor’s ID number, to qualify for commissions or bonuses.

4.3. Changes to an Tribute Membership
4.3.1. General

  • A Distributor may only update the information contained in his or her Membership as allowed by the Tribute system online, which changes may be made in their Distributor’s back-office or by contacting Tribute, but in no case are Distributor allowed to make such updates if the intent is to change ownership of the account.

4.3.2. Change of Sponsor

  • To protect the integrity of all marketing organizations and safeguard the hard work of all Distributors, Tribute does not allow changes in sponsorship for active Distributor. Maintaining the integrity of sponsorship is critical for the success of every Distributor and marketing organization. Accordingly, the transfer of an Tribute business from one sponsor to another is not permitted.
  • Exception - A request for a change in sponsor, due to Tribute error, will be accepted within 5 business days of completion of the application. If application received after 5 days of the error occurring, change will not be affected.

4.4. Cancellation and Re-application
4.4.1. A Distributor may legitimately change organizations by:

  • Voluntarily cancelling his or her Tribute Agreement and remaining inactive (i.e., no purchases of Tribute products for resale; no sponsoring; and no attendance at any Tribute functions, participation in any other form of Distributor activity, or operation of any other Tribute business) for 6 full calendar months.
  • Following the 6 calendar month period of inactivity, the former Distributor may reapply under a new sponsor. However the former Distributor will permanently lose any and all rights to their former Distributor downline organization.

4.5. Unauthorized Claims and Actions
4.5.1. Indemnification

  • A Distributor is fully responsible for all of his or her verbal and written statements made regarding Tribute products, services, and the Compensation Plan that are not expressly contained in official Tribute materials. Distributors agree to indemnify Tribute’s directors, officers, employees and agents and hold them harmless from any and all liability, including judgments, civil penalties, refunds, attorney fees, court costs or lost business incurred by Tribute as a result of the Distributor’s unauthorized representations or actions. This provision shall survive the termination of the Distributor Agreement.

4.6. Conduct at Tribute Events
4.6.1. No Selling or Recruiting at Tribute Events

Selling and recruiting at Tribute events is not permitted. These activities take away
from the primary focus of the event, and can negatively reflect on the professional
image of Tribute as a company. You may, however, offer a business card and/or

4.6.2. No Selling or Recruiting for other Companies at Tribute Events
Tribute Distributors shall not sell any products or recruit for any business during
Tribute events. This restriction most specifically applies to sales and recruitment
efforts for any other direct sales or marketing program, regardless of the product
category, including those that do not compete with Tribute’s product line.

4.6.3. Conflicts of Interest
4.6.4. Non-solicitation

  • During the term of this Agreement, Distributors may not recruit other Tribute Distributors or Merchants or customers for any other network marketing or other similar business. Following the cancellation of this Agreement, and for a period of one year thereafter, a former Distributor may not recruit any Tribute Distributor or customer for another network marketing business, with the exception of a Distributor who is personally sponsored by the former Distributor. The Distributor and Company recognize that because network marketing is conducted through networks of independent contractors dispersed across the entire territory of Nigeria, and business is commonly conducted via the Internet and telephone, an effort to narrowly limit the geographic scope of this non-solicitation provision would render it wholly ineffective. Therefore, the Distributors and Company agree that this non- solicitation provision shall apply to all markets in which Tribute conducts business.
  • The term “recruit” means actual or attempted solicitation, enrollment, encouragement or effort to influence in any other way, either directly, indirectly or through a third party, another Tribute Distributor or customer to enroll or participate in another multilevel marketing, network marketing or direct sales opportunity. This conduct constitutes recruiting even if the Distributor’s actions are in response to an inquiry made by another Distributor or customer.

4.6.5. Downline Activity (Genealogy) Reports

  • Downline Activity Reports made available for Distributor access and viewing at Tribute’s online Distributor’s Lounge are considered confidential. Distributor access to their Downline Activity Reports is password protected. All Downline Activity Reports and the information contained therein are confidential and constitute proprietary information and business trade secrets belonging to Tribute. Downline Activity Reports are provided to Distributors in the strictest of confidence and are made available to Distributors for the sole purpose of assisting Distributors in working with their respective Downline Organizations in the development of their Tribute business. Distributors should use their Downline Activity Reports to assist, motivate and train their Downline Distributors. The Distributor and Tribute agree that, but for this agreement of confidentiality and nondisclosure, Tribute would not provide Downline Activity Reports to the Distributor. A Distributor shall not, on his or her own behalf, or on behalf of any other person, partnership, association, corporation or other entity: 
  1. Directly or indirectly disclose any information contained in any Downline Activity Report to any third party;
  2. Directly or indirectly disclose the password(s) or other access code to his or her Downline Activity Report;
  3. Use the information to compete with Tribute or for any purpose other than promoting his or her Tribute business;
  4. Recruit or solicit any Distributor or Customer of Tribute listed on any report or in any manner attempt to influence or induce any Distributor or customer of Tribute to alter their business relationship with Tribute;
  5. Use or disclose to any person, partnership, association, corporation or other entity any information contained in any Downline Activity Report.
  6. Upon demand by the Company, any current or former Distributor will return the original and all copies of printed Downline Activity Reports to the Company.

4.6.6. Cross-Sponsoring

  • Actual or attempted cross-sponsoring is strictly prohibited. “Cross- sponsoring” is defined as the enrollment of an individual or entity that already has a current Customer, Merchant or Distributor Agreement on file with Tribute, or who has had such an agreement within the preceding 6 calendar months, within a different line of sponsorship. The use of a spouse or relative’s name, trade names, assumed names or fictitious ID numbers to circumvent this policy is strictly prohibited. Distributors shall not demean, discredit or defame other Tribute Distributors in an attempt to entice another Distributor to become part of the first Distributor’s marketing organization. If a prohibited organization transfer occurs, Tribute shall take disciplinary action against the Distributor(s) who engaged, acquiesced and/or knowingly participated in the improper cross-sponsoring. However, it shall be entirely within Tribute’s discretion where in the genealogical structure, the cross- sponsored organization in question shall be placed or otherwise distributed.
  • Because equities often exist in favor of both upline organizations, Distributors waive any and all claims and causes of action against the company for its decision regarding the final disposition or placement of the cross sponsored organization.

4.6.7. Errors or Questions

  • If a Distributor has questions about or believes any errors have been made regarding commissions, bonuses, Downline Activity Reports, or charges, the Distributor must notify the customer service team at the headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria within 15 days of the date of the purported error or incident in question. Tribute will not be responsible for any errors, omissions or problems not reported to the Company within 15 days.

4.6.8. Sales Aids Optional

  • Distributors are not required to carry sales aids. Distributors who do so must make his or her own decision with regard to these matters. To ensure that Distributors are not encumbered with Company Sales Aids, such Sales Aids may be returned to Tribute upon the Distributors cancellation pursuant to the terms of Section 8.1.

4.6.9. Governmental Approval or Endorsement

  • Tribute prides itself by being a fully ethical company and works transparent in everything they do and abide by the local laws in any territory Tribute is active.

4.6.10. Non-Financial Enrollments

  • Distributor enrollments are not complete, and therefore not considered for final acceptance by Tribute, without making a paid joining fee or/and an initial order. Such ‘unfinancial’ Distributor enrollments are subject to deletion within 72 hours of their entry at Tributes discretion without notice.

4.6.11. Identification

  • All Distributors are required to provide their national ID number or National Passport to Tribute in order to be paid commissions.
  • Upon enrollment, the Distributor must create a unique handle (username) by which he or she will be identified. This handle will be used for all account transactions, including to place orders and track commissions and bonuses.

4.6.12. Income Taxes

  • Each Distributors income earned in the form of commission will be subjected to the statutory WHT for individuals at 5%. The WHT will be deducted by Tribute at source when payment is to be made and will the remitted to the relevant tax authority on Distributors’ behalf.
  • This rate can change due to new government legislations and Tribute will not give any prior notice to Distributors before the new rate(s) is affected.
  • All prices of Tribute products are inclusive of value added tax, unless otherwise stated.

4.6.13. Independent Contractor Status

  • Distributor are independent contractors and are not purchasers of a franchise or a business opportunity. The agreement between Tribute and its Distributors does not create an employer/employee relationship, agency, partnership or joint venture between the Company and the Distributor. Distributors shall not be treated as an employee for his or her services or for federal or state tax purposes. All Distributors are responsible for paying local, state and federal taxes due from all compensation earned as a Distributor of the Company. The Distributor has no authority (expressed or implied) to bind the Company to any obligation. Each Distributor shall establish his or her own goals, hours, and methods of sale, so long as he or she complies with the terms of the Distributor Agreement Form, and these Policies and Procedures, and applicable laws.
  • The names of Tribute and other names as may be adopted by Tribute are proprietary trade names, trademarks and service marks of Tribute. As such, these marks are of great value to Tribute and are supplied to Distributor for their use only in an expressly authorized manner. Use of these names on any item not produced by the Company is prohibited except as follows:
  1. Independent Tribute Distributor -OR- Independent Distributor of Tribute
  2. All Distributors may list themselves as an “Independent Tribute Distributor” in online media under their own name. Distributor may not create websites, blogs, social media accounts, or place telephone directory display ads using Tribute’s name or logo.
  3. Distributor may not answer the telephone by saying “Tribute,” “Tribute Office,” or in any other manner that would lead the caller to believe that he or she has reached the corporate offices of Tribute, or in anyway represent to any third party that they are a representative of Tribute. Distributor shall make a good-faith effort to make sure the caller understands that the Distributor is not an agent of Tribute. Distributor are not allowed to create social media account or webpages in the name of Tribute or in any way try to portray themselves as being the official Tribute site. No website or social media account/address may contain Tributes name in anyway that can mislead visitors that it is the official Tribute site.
  4. Advertising is not limited to print media; it also includes internet advertising and other forms of advertising. It is prohibited for a Distributor to use an internet or email address that utilizes the trade name Tribute, or includes Tribute in a portion of the address. It is also prohibited for a Distributor to create a website or any other online medium that references or relates to Tribute that is not authorized in writing by Tribute. It is also prohibited for a Distributor to place links to unauthorized websites or webpages onto a website or webpage that has been authorized by Tribute.

4.7. Insurance
4.7.1. Business Pursuits Coverage

  • As an independent Tribute Distributor you and the products in your possession are not covered by insurance. If you wish to do so it is on your own discretion.

4.7.2. International Marketing

  • Because of critical legal and tax considerations, Tribute must limit the marketing and enrollment of Tribute services and the presentation of the Tribute business to prospective customers, Merchants and Distributors located within the territory of Nigeria and any other jurisdiction officially opened by Tribute. Distributors are only authorized to do business in the countries in which Tribute has announced are open for business in official Company literature.

4.7.3. Laws and Ordinances

  • Distributors shall comply with all federal, state and local laws and regulations in the conduct of their businesses. Many cities and counties have laws regulating certain home-based businesses. In most cases these ordinances are not applicable to Distributors because of the nature of their business. However, Distributors must obey those laws that do apply to them. If a city or county official tells a Distributor that an ordinance applies to him or her, the Distributor shall comply with the law.

4.7.4. Minors

  • Distributors shall not enroll or recruit individuals under the age of 18 into the Tribute program. Minimum age, even if related, is 18 years of age.

4.7.5. Actions of Household Distributors or Affiliated Individuals.

  • Tribute memberships are limited to one per household. If any member of a Distributor’s household, family, or other affiliated individual engages in any activity that, if performed by the Distributor, would violate any provision of the Agreement, such activity will be deemed a violation by the Distributor and Tribute may take disciplinary action pursuant to the Statement of Policies against the Distributor.
  • An exception to the one-Distributor-per-household rule will be considered on a case-by-case basis if two Distributors marry. Requests for exceptions to this policy must be submitted in writing to the Compliance Department. Please contact Tribute head office for more details.

4.7.6. Requests for Records

  • Any request from a Distributor for printed copies of invoices, agreements, Downline activity reports or other records/reports as reasonably available will require a fee of NGN 100 per page per copy. This fee covers the expense of mailing and time required to research files and make copies of the records. Electronic versions of the same are provided without charge and can also be downloaded from the back-office.

4.7.7. Sale, Transfer or Assignment of Tribute Business

  • Tribute businesses cannot be sold or transferred to another individual.

4.7.8. Separation of an Tribute Distributor Business

  • In the event of a dissolution of marriage of a Tribute Distributor, and a spouse, arrangements must be made to ensure that any division of the business assets is accomplished so as not to adversely affect the interests and income of other businesses up or down the line of sponsorship. If the separating parties fail to provide for the best interests of other Distributor and the Company, Tribute may be forced to involuntarily terminate the Distributor Agreement.

4.7.9. Divorce

  • During the pendency of a divorce or dissolution, the Company shall treat the business according to the status quo as existed prior to the filing of the divorce or dissolution.
  • Under no circumstances will the Downline Organization of divorcing spouses be divided. Similarly, under no circumstances will Tribute split commission and bonus checks between divorcing spouses. Tribute will recognize only one Downline Organization and will issue only one commission check per Tribute business per commission cycle. Commission checks shall always be issued to the individual whose name appears on the Distributor Agreement.

4.7.10. Death

  • In the event of death, the Distributor’s Tribute business shall be transferred to the personal representative or executor/administrator of the will of the deceased. Without an heir the Distributor’s Tribute business will revert to Tribute or be terminated at the company's discretion. If the assuming party or parties cannot operate a Tribute business properly as per these Terms and Conditions or otherwise fail to provide for the best interests of other Distributor and the Company, Tribute may terminate the Distributor Agreement.

4.7.11. Sponsoring

  • All active Distributors in good standing have the right to sponsor and enroll others into Tribute. Each prospective Distributor has the ultimate right to choose his or her own sponsor. If two Distributor claim to be the sponsor of the same new Distributor, the Company shall regard the first Membership request as controlling.

5.1. Change of Address or Telephone

  • To ensure timely delivery of products, support materials and commission checks, it is critically important that Tribute’s files are current. Distributors planning to move should update their new address and telephone numbers via their Distributor’s Lounge.

5.2. Continuing Development Obligations

  • Ongoing Training
  1. Any Distributor who sponsors another Distributor into Tribute must perform a bona fide assistance and training function to ensure that his or her Downline is properly operating his or her Tribute business. Distributor must have ongoing contact and communication with the Distributors in their Downline Organizations. Examples of such contact and communication may include, but are not limited to, newsletters, written correspondence, personal meetings, telephone contact, voice mail, electronic mail and the accompaniment of Downline Distributor to Tribute meetings, training sessions, and other functions. Upline Distributor are also responsible to motivate and train new Distributor in Tribute product knowledge, use and function of the Distributor’s Lounge, effective sales techniques, the Tribute Compensation Plan and compliance with Company Policies and Procedures.

Communication with and the training of Downline Distributor must not, however, violate Section 5.2 (regarding the development of Distributor- produced sales aids and promotional materials).

  • Increased Training Responsibilities
  1. As Distributor progress through the various levels of leadership, they will become more experienced in sales techniques, product knowledge and understanding of the Tribute program. They will be called upon to share this knowledge with lesser-experienced Distributor within their organization.
  • Ongoing Sales Responsibilities
  1. Regardless of their level of achievement, Distributor have an ongoing obligation to continue to personally promote sales through the generation of new customers or Distributor and through servicing their existing customers or Distributor.
  • Non-disparagement
  1. Tribute wants to provide its Distributor with the best products, compensation plan and service in the industry. Accordingly, we value your constructive criticisms and comments. All such comments should be submitted in writing to the Tribute corporate offices. While Tribute welcomes constructive input, negative comments and remarks made in the field by Distributor about the Company, its products or Compensation Plan serve no purpose other than to sour the enthusiasm of other Tribute Distributors. For this reason, and to set the proper example for their Downline, Distributor must not disparage, demean or make negative remarks about Tribute, other Tribute Distributors, Tribute’s services, the Compensation Plan or Tribute’s directors, officers or employees in social media or other forums.
  • Providing Enrollment Support to Applicants
  1. Distributor must provide a reasonable amount of assistance to new applicants to ensure their online enrollment is completed accurately and to provide at least a basic level of understanding of the functionality of their Distributor’s Lounge, including but not limited to, order entry, autoships, sponsorship of new Distributors, downline viewers, and disposition of earnings.
  • Reporting Policy Violations
  1. Distributor observing a policy violation by another Distributor should submit a report of the violation directly to the attention of the Tribute Management. Details of the incident(s), such as dates, number of occurrences, persons involved and any supporting documentation, should be included in the report.

6.1. Product Sales

  • The Tribute Compensation Plan is based upon the sale of Tribute products and services to end user. Distributor must fulfill personal and Downline organization sales requirements (as well as meet other responsibilities set forth in the Agreement) to be eligible for bonuses, commissions and advancement to higher levels of achievement.

6.2. Retail Sales

  • Tribute wants to ensure that prices for its products and services are not destabilized and that quality is intact, that is why it is forbidden to sell Tribute products in any retail outlet. Therefore, Products sold in a retail environment (which sales shall be strictly subject to the prior approval of Tribute) will be subject to a fixed advertised retail price. Any Distributor who knowingly fails to honor the minimum price set by Tribute for its products and services will be subject to termination.
  • Sales of Tribute products through on-line auction sites, such as Ebay, Konga, Jumia, OLX, Jiji are strictly prohibited and will/can result in termination of account.

6.3. Territory Restrictions

  • There are no exclusive territories granted to anyone.

6.4. Payment(s) of products

  • All products are paid in advance with no credit given. After payment is received by Tribute the products will be arranged for delivery.

7.1. Sales

  • The entire commission structure is based upon volume of sales referred by the individual Distributor as well as their entire organization. Any returns are by the sole responsibility of the distributor.

7.2. Money Back Product Guarantee

  • Tribute does not give money back for purchased products. If you would have a complaint or request regarding product returns please contact Tribute customer service for information. For Tributes claim process see the question and answer section for more information.

7.3. Governing Law, Jurisdiction and Venue

  • Jurisdiction and venue of any matter not subject to arbitration shall reside in Lagos, Nigeria. The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, Cap C18, laws of the Federation, 2004, shall govern all matters relating to arbitration.

8.1. Effect of Cancellation

  • Following a Distributor’s termination for inactivity (365 consecutive days with no volume on the account), or voluntary or involuntary termination of his or her Distributor Agreement (all of these methods are collectively referred to as “termination”), the former Distributor shall have no right, title, claim or interest to the marketing organization that he or she operated, or any commission or bonus from the sales generated by the organization. A Distributor whose business is terminated will lose all rights as a Distributor. This includes the right to sell Tribute products and services and the right to receive future commissions, bonuses or other income resulting from the sales and other activities of the Distributor’s former Downline sales organization. In the event of termination, Distributors agree to waive all rights they may have, including but not limited to property rights, to their former Downline organization and to any bonuses, commissions or other remuneration derived from the sales and other activities of his or her former Downline organization.
  • Following a Distributor’s termination of his or her Distributor Agreement, the former Distributor shall not hold himself or herself out as a Tribute Distributor. A Distributor whose Distributor Agreement is terminated shall receive commissions and bonuses only for the last full pay period he or she was active prior to cancellation (less any amounts withheld during an investigation preceding an involuntary termination).

8.2. Involuntary Termination

  • A Distributor’s violation of any of the terms of the Agreement, including any amendments that may be made by Tribute in its sole discretion, may result in any of the sanctions listed in Section 9.1, including the involuntary termination of his or her Distributor Agreement. Cancellation shall be effective on the date on which written  notice is mailed, faxed or delivered to an express courier to the Distributor’s last known address (or fax number), or to his or her attorney, or when the Distributor receives actual notice of termination, whichever occurs first.

8.3. Voluntary Termination

  • A Distributor has a right to terminate his/her distributorship, at any time, regardless of reason. Termination must be submitted in writing to the Company at its principal business address or by calling Tribute directly. Distributors who have resigned may re-apply to become a Distributor with Tribute after 6 months. A Distributor’s position is subject to termination due to inactivity (i.e., merchant enrollments, no commissions, no ordering, no sponsoring; and no attendance at any Tribute functions, participation in any other form of Distributor activity, or operation of any other Tribute business) after being inactive for 6 full calendar months.

8.4. Non-Renewal

  • A Distributor may also voluntarily cancel his or her Distributor Agreement by failing to maintain the Agreement annually. The Company may also elect not to renew a Distributor’s Agreement.

8.5. Complete Agreement

  • This Agreement, any and all modifications made by the Company make up the entire agreement between Distributor and Tribute.


  • When joining the product distribution network of Tribute, I hereby agree to become an independent purchaser of Tribute products and follow the code of conduct and terms and conditions of being an independent purchaser. Further, I agree to abide by the following terms and conditions of my agreement with Tribute to become a Distributor of its network or independent distributor of its products.