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Tribute is built on a dream of affordable luxury while creating a better life for people. We don’t need to spend as much on logistic and warehousing after production, marketing, expensive retail stores. We are not selling the products through the traditional retail model and can instead deliver a fabulous product for less. Affordable luxury! With its European heritage, Tribute carries the legacy of high quality products made for the whole family but also an opportunity to create a better life while enjoying the products.

Tribute offers a range of superior quality products, from the sophisticated and seducing fragrances developed in French laboratories to the skin care products adjusted to fit the climate of Nigeria. Tribute offers a world-class compensation plan with an international back office system from the US for you to keep track of your earnings. Together with Tribute, you can start building your tomorrow today!


When you are part of Tribute you get your Welcome Kit with the business tool that you need to start. This includes information about the company, fragrance vials, a notepad, compensation plan card, product catalogue, pen, t-shirt, a fabric carrier bag and access to the back office where you can track your sales, commissions and the progress of your team.

As a registered distributor, you will enjoy a range from 26% to 34% profit on the products you sell. The more you sell, the larger the profit!
The Tribute compensation plan is divided into three levels, Tributer, Manager and Leader. On each level you have the opportunity to make your commission with an increasing percentage, get paid on the sales in your network and qualify for additional bonuses.
When starting out with Tribute, you will soon discover that this is a great way of making money for you while enjoying great products.



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LEADER - 10353

Name: Helen Murphy
Date of Joining: November 2017
Occupation: Nurse

”It doesn't matter how long it takes, there is enough room up here for everyone.”

I am a wife, a mother of two adorable kids, a nurse and a leader with Tribute Lifestyle. My journey in Tribute is that of patience, focus and persistence. It is not about luck or overnight success.

I remember my rise came just a month after I hit the bottom. I earned eight thousand Naira that month and I was devastated. As human, I felt maybe this is not for me, but something told me to try one more time, and guess what? It was worth it. I also have an amazing team, the best I could ever ask for that share this dream with me and are passionate about it.

A word to all Tributers struggling to the top, just know that it doesn't matter how long it takes, there is enough room up here for everyone. Believe in your self, the brand you represent, don't be ashamed to ask questions, never stop learning, take deliberate actions every day and believe me success will find you.

Above all; DON'T GIVE UP!!!


Iniye Emelife

LEADER - 10239

Name: Iniye Emelife
Date of Joining: December 2017
Occupation: Event Planner

I work from anywhere I want, I have time for my family and I am building my Tomorrow Today.”

I worked in one of the Nigerian Banks for 12 years straight out of the University. I hardly had any time for my family not to talk of myself. There was practically no improvement in my standard of life as the income was more or less stagnant with the rising cost of living in the country. I knew I had to do something extra to earn more income or life would be the same struggle of living from paycheck to paycheck.

I found out about Tribute Lifestyle in December, 2017 and I had no knowledge whatsoever about the Industry but I decided to say YES to this opportunity because I was desperate to improve my quality of life and have financial freedom. This was the best decision I could have ever made in my life.

I am now a Leader and I’ve been able to build my team with distributors from all over Nigeria just from my internet enabled device. I have financial freedom and I no longer work with the bank. Instead, I can work from anywhere I want, I have time for my family and I am building my Tomorrow Today.

Tribute Lifestyle has changed my life totally as well as the lives of so many others who have decided to take a step by joining this company in their Vision.

Victoria Yahaya



Name: Victoria Yahaya
Date of Joining: June 2018
Occupation: Civil Servant.

I listened to testimonials from top leaders and I knew I could make it!”

I ran this business for 6 months with no actual gains as I was just buying and selling. My big break came when the new compensation plan was introduced in December 2018 alongside the International Travel Plan. My first earning was N3,481.53 but I was not discouraged. I traveled from Kogi to Abuja in January 2019 to attend the Tribute Seminar and my eyes were open. I listened to testimonials from top leaders and I knew I could make it!

I started aggressive recruitments, built a strong and active team, met all the requirements and decided to keep pushing.

This is March, my current title is an Executive Manager and last month I earned over N100,000.

Special thanks to my upline (Team lead) and to Tribute for giving me this opportunity to build a sustainable business. I encourage you to keep on and not lose hope. Listen to those ahead of you and read books on successful people. You will be a Victor if you do not relent.
I want to Welcome you to
1) Success
2) Freedom
3) Tribute 👌