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Tribute is built on a dream of affordable luxury while creating a better life for people. We don’t need to spend as much on logistic and warehousing after production, marketing, expensive retail stores. We are not selling the products through the traditional retail model and can instead deliver a fabulous product for less. Affordable luxury! With its European heritage, Tribute carries the legacy of high quality products made for the whole family but also an opportunity to create a better life while enjoying the products.

Tribute offers a range of superior quality products, from the sophisticated and seducing fragrances developed in French laboratories to the skin care products adjusted to fit the climate of Nigeria. Tribute offers a world-class compensation plan with an international back office system from the US for you to keep track of your earnings. Together with Tribute, you can start building your tomorrow today!


When join Tribute, you get your Premium Welcome Kit with the business tool that you need to start. This includes information about the company, fragrance vials, a product catalogue, a Tribute T-shirt, a fabric carrier bag and access to the back office where you can track your sales, commissions and the progress of your team. You can also opt for the Basic Welcome Kit which comes with fragrance vials, a product catalogue and access to the Tribute back office.

As a registered distributor, you will enjoy a range from 26% to 34% profit on the products you sell. The more you sell, the larger the profit!

The Tribute compensation plan is divided into three levels; Tributer, Manager and Leader. On each level you have the opportunity to make your commission with an increasing percentage, get paid on the sales in your network and qualify for additional bonuses which include free products, annual conferences, all-expense travel plans, etc.

When starting out with Tribute, you will soon discover that this is a great way of making money for you while enjoying great products and living the life of your dreams.

Build You Tomorrow Today. START NOW.




Adaku Onwuasomba


Name: Adaku Onwuasomba
Date of Joining: November 2017
Occupation: Lawyer

”Tribute is not one of those things and this time I’m sure. Tribute is the real thing!”

I got to know about Network marketing for the first time in 2014. The idea of building my own business and supporting others to build there's was so fascinating. Somehow I ended up in the wrong companies. It took me time to realize that amazing products were key to the sustainability of any network marketing company. By this time I had referred everyone I knew to one failed scheme or the other.

By the time I got to know of Tribute towards the end of December 2017, I was sure no one will agree to follow me. I was sure I could not build a team so I joined Tribute to buy products, sell and make money.

Everything changed when I got my first set of products. That part of me that always wanted to build a team of business people woke up again and I started calling people to join the business.

About 2 weeks after I started, I had an accident that left me in the hospital for 4 months but I refused to give up. I kept building and working with my amazing team through social media because I did not want anything to hold me down and I wanted to live my dreams.

It has been an amazing journey finding people who are interested in building their own networks and moving forward. The last one year has been awesome, the testimonies about Tribute products and of course the earnings of my team and I, keeps me pushing.

The journey has just begun, I may not have hit my target but I know that I will get there faster than I planned.

Dr. Adewumi Janet.jpeg

Dr. Adewumi Janet


Name: Dr. Adewumi Janet
Date of Joining: December 2018
Occupation: Medical Doctor

Please do not give up on Tribute dream, keep fighting to keep your work going.”

Before I joined Tribute Lifestyle, the challenges of unpaid salaries made me conclude on finding a business I can start on and build to a point of financial breakthrough and freedom, I had always dreamed of being a successful Entrepreneur though. I had been on this search until I met my upline who invited me to this business.

I joined this business in December 2018 and since then I made up my mind to build it to the peak. That month I had no earned but I was never moved as I continued and was determined to achieve all my goals the preceding months. The second month I started earning! This further motivated me to keep pushing with the help of God, my upline, and my team lead.

I am so glad I found this amazing business. I no more complain of salary issues while others are as I'm getting my extra income rolling in day by day.

My advice to newcomers: Please do not give up on Tribute dream, keep fighting to keep your work going. You will surely achieve your dreams and make it to the top as long as you don't quit.

Sarah Malum - 12351.jpeg

Sarah Paul Malum

LEADER - 12351

Name: Sarah Paul Malum
Date of Joining: April 2018
Occupation: Business Woman

”I found myself a good company that really rewards hard work”

I was at the point in my life where I said I was done with Multi Level Marketing, I loved everything concerning recognitions where I was coming from but it was tough. Really tough.

One lucky day I saw an ad about Tribute Lifestyle on Facebook, I carelessly followed the link and saw “ALL PRODUCTS ARE ORGANIC”. I went back to the advert, took the bold step, got enrolled with the intention to just enjoy the benefits of buying and selling but somehow being that I love sharing opportunities with people, I had four people by the end of the month, 3 closed ET and to my surprise, in two weeks, I was paid 58,541.26 Naira.

I still wasn't serious about the whole thing, but I kept sharing without and by the next month I closed EM and I got a pay of 127,720.59. At that point, I knew I had found myself a good company that really rewards hard work. I enjoyed it the most because selling the products were easy and the testimonies were so encouraging.

The tough times came when I decided to take the business seriously, I wasn't recruiting again, and sales became slow etc but I stayed at it and told myself “you won't give up”

January 2019, I told my teammates to send in their prospects my way to help with training sessions and growth strategies and now; my team is expanding rapidly, my earnings have grown more than I imagined and still growing.